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Blue Buffalo Wilderness has made my four dogs exceptionally unwell. I am so distressed, my four dogs are already eating Blue Buffalo for nearly a yr. A short while ago, they've all started out displaying distressing symptoms… they became lethargic, eating grass and vomiting day by day, diarrhea, and Extreme thirst. I am able to’t hold their water bowls whole, their consuming of water has doubled in the past month.

Why doesn’t blue buffalo hold the AAFCO label on their own Doggy food. I would feel much more trusting if that they had that. I wrote to them asking and no return mail. I have hassle trusting a corporation that is not endorsed with this label. A great deal of companies have this on their Puppy food bags.

I’ve been feeding my 4 month outdated dachshund BB small breed puppy for two weeks now and after a slight adjustment difficulty she's carrying out good and loves it. However there are two concerns, Maybe not even associated with BB.

My pups began out eating Blue’s Chicken and Rice formula. I had Earlier experimented with distinctive dog foods and located they did superior on Blue. My pups had food sensitivities and skin allergies. Just after much exploration I switched them to Blue Freedom Grain Free. My pups loved the food. Within weekly, standard stool and allergies grew to become workable. Previously couple of months Blue Freedom Grain Free went on sale at Pet Supplies Additionally, PetsMart, and Petco. Since this food may be very expensive I purchased quite a few luggage. Two months in the past I opened among the list of not too long ago bought bags, considered the kibble appeared somewhat distinctive, but considered nothing a lot more of it. In the middle of two months my dogs steadily commenced scratching more, biting their toes, getting bad gasoline, and looser stools. Simultaneously a couple of of my friends, whom I'd convinced to modify to Blue, contacted me and documented identical problems, especially the poor fuel and loose stool. I did some investigating. I have just one bag I bought a few months ago with an expiration date Dec 2014. The bags I just acquired expire in 2015.

I had been feeding my cat the Blue Buffalo flaked chicken, turkey, and salmon canned foods. Recently, when I bought some cans in February plus they were being Practically all water.

Exactly Richard. I experience lousy for these individuals have problems with their dogs. I come to feel even even worse to the dogs being switched over and about.

My Irish Setter had bladder stones, the vets (regular vet, surgeon and internist) blamed it around the blue buffalo. As a result of issues my Doggy asperated and has invested three weeks in intensive care. I am hoping to provide him home this weekend, he will not be eating Blue Baffalo.

My dogs are quite properly exercised plus the as well have been enduring vomiting and diarrhea. It's got only been in the past pair months. I've switched back and forth between a bland diet and BB just for the illness to return.

Children in junior high dismiss calls when they don't wish to talk to anyone it's possible next time have some regard for them and yourself for the reason that your certain aren’t helping yourself with that Perspective buddy

my puppy received pretty sick on blue dog food thevet explained to me that she experienced other dogs with the same factor mydog experienced and it had been blue as sone as i took him off it he acquired superior

Jenn or Jenny which at any time you decide to go by for this next post, remember to don't make assumptions based on bias reasoning because of your relationship with the dog food advisor fromm above named enterprise that's obvious due to simple fact you assert you are aware of what type of letter they despatched me in reaction, the fact of the make any difference is you cannot deny that I TURNED DOWN the business offer of the over the cellular phone interview by not RESPONDING into the email required to verify the appointment following looking into this companies history. You can issues like they could have identified as me a slacker or whatever other ignorant statements you could possibly sense entitled to state in defense of the PYRAMID Plan styled highering course of action. Despite the fact that I refused to confirm the appointment date I continue to obtained a contact, and following Disregarding the decision I received another then an email… WHY would a company so food dogs hate desperately stress and go after a person who is clearly A single not interested, and two has made obvious that they need nothing at all to accomplish with reported compnay?

I have fed my aussie combine dogs longevity for the earlier nine yrs and they seem to carry find out about dog grooming austin out well. The majority of these complaints are with regards to the other types of blue, but makes me marvel.

Is there ANY Blue Buffalo Dog foods without the lifesource bits? I've three small Chihuahua’s and ALL f them depart the existence bits everywhere in the ground (I see this is a common apply in other dogs from reading through the reviews!)…I've attempted to set them back from the dish, but they even now weed them out.

Wilderness is made by Blue Buffalo & is a high protein food for quite active dogs ie: searching, K9, agility etc.

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